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Baptism 16.12.18

Hello Amanda!

We had such a great time on Sunday and we heard the best comments from all our guests for the food and the estate.

Thank you for everything!

Happy holidays!

Stavros – Eleanna


Baptism 20.10.18

Agathi Syridou 

Great place, excellent food, very polite staff and perfect service!!

Thank you very much!


Wedding 23.09.18  

 Marina Zapiti

 From the deepest of our hearts we thank all the team for the great collaboration and the excellent wedding party! That day will remain forever in our memories and also will remain unforgettable to our guests!

High food and services quality! A great thank you!

Apostolos & Marina


Baptism 23.09.18

Dear Amanda thank you for your wishes!!!

We had a great time and we really liked the perfect service and the collaboration with the kind and polite staff of the estate.

Our guests were thrilled with the place and the lavish buffet.

Everything was perfect.


Tasos Papaioannou


Wedding 01.09.18 face

Good Afternoon Amanda!

It’s Marianna

Dimitris and I wanted to thank you once more for all that you did for us!! We wanted our guests to have a great time and everyone gave us the best compliments for the food, the place, the mood, everything!! We had such a great time and we both enjoyed every moment!!

We thank you from the deepest of our hearts!!

Dimitris & Marianna


Wedding 09.09.18

Dear Konstantina and Diamond team!

We would like to thank you for all your help in organizing one of the most beautiful moments of our lives!!!

Everything was perfect! The food, the desserts, the estate, the scene, the service, the music! The staff was flawless! Everyone was kind and smiling.

Our guests were totally satisfied and the left with the best impressions! We had the night that we dreamt!

A special thank you to Konstantina for your support and all the help in every detail and also to Mrs Amanda who did her best to make everything as we have dreamed!

Once again we thank you!

Maria & Kostas


Baptism 02.09.18

Good afternoon. Please excuse my late answer.

Thank you very much for your professionalism. From the first day we met you were very polite and helpful.

My guests and I were satisfied by the food, the place and your service.

The combination with the chapel, I believe that is something you should promote to everyone.

You had such a beautiful estate that needs nothing else to show its beauty.

The food was great. The recipes were executed as agreed and according the food tasting and even better.

I wish you success and once again thank you for everything. From the flavors and the great service to the greatest price ranges.



Baptism 08.07.18

Good afternoon Mrs Amanda and Mrs Konstantina

Even though a little late, we would like to thank you for the excellent planning the day of our event! Everything was great and all our guests were satisfied! They all told us the best for the food that it was very good and very tasty!

They also liked the venue and your polite waiters.

Thank you so much for everything! We are completely satisfied from our collaboration!

Keep on like this!

Mrs Polyxroni


 Baptism 01.07.18

Good afternoon Mrs Kalligerou!

Thank you very much for your wishes. Everything was flawless, the staff was very polite and helpful and the food very tasty. We had a great time. Thank you so much and we hope you have a great summer!

Best regards

Stamatina Arfani


Wedding 30.06.18

Hello girls!

I want to thank you once more since you were basic help to the most wonderful day of our lives!

Everything was great and you deserve congratulations!

I hope to see you again some time!

Kisses Irini


Maria Ioannou wrote a comment on Facebook  for "Ktima Diamond": Great food, perfect service in our little one's baptism!


Baptism 10.06.18

Good afternoon amanda!

We are all well I hope the same for you too.

I wanted to send you an email earlier, but due to other obligations, I couldn’t make it.

Our guests were completely satisfied by the food and the place.

Especially with the food and service. We had many positive comments.

I wish you all health and a great summer!

Thanks for everything Sotiria


Baptism 09.06.18

Dear Mrs Kalligerou

We were very satisfied by the planning and the service in our event. The food was very tasty and our guests had a very good time. We had very positive feed back.

Thank you very much!

Best regards

Sofia Babali


BAPTISM 03.06.18

Good afternoon Amanda

Thank you for everything you are great!!

We would one to see you again. We will contact you soon!


Fotis, Maria, Thanassis


Maria Spyropoulou wrote a comment on Facebook:   face   Amanda thank you for everything. You and your team are flawless and great professionals! Our son's baptism reception will be unforgettable to all of us! Until oour next event!!!


Baptism 27.05.18

Good afternoon Amanda!!

The days have passed and I couldn’t manage to communicate with you…..

Everything was amazing!!!

Exactly as I wanted.

Our guests were amazed by the chapel’s location and the estate!

The food was great! The animator was so good that some parents asked her number to use her at their parties.

The music was very good.

Your people are great Mr Spyros, Konstantina, the waiters….

We all had a great time and left with the best impressions.

The desserts at the end were so fresh. The meats were amazing. I have nothing negative to say.

It was a perfect event and I will recommend the Diamond estate to everyone that that will need something relevant.

Thank you for our perfect collaboration



Baptism 19.05.18

Dear Amanda after 8 years of continuous collaboration you always amaze us!

Diamond Estate is an excellent venue build with love by you and we wish you to always have successful business.

Although our long collaboration, we want to express our credits to you and we promise to work with you every time!

We had such a great time and once more our guests were very pleased!




Baptism 06.05.18

Hello Amanda

We would like to thank you for the photographs, the collaboration and your beautiful wishes. Of course we had a wonderful time and we had lots of fun. We and our guests were very pleased. Especially our guests were amazed by the place and the food (personally I think that the food was even better than the food tasting).

At last we thank you again because thanks to you we will have the best memories from our daughter’s baptism. You did the best you could for a great result which is confirmed by our guest’s positive comments. We hope to see you again in a future collaboration.

Best regards

Loukia Armaou



Baptism 29.04.18

Hello Mrs Kalligerou

Have also a good month. Thank you for your wishes and we also wish the best to you and your family.

Everything was great. The place, the food, the staff and the service. Everything was excellent and our guests had a great time. Thank you for everything.

Spanou Konstantina


  Wedding 13.04.18

Hello Amanda!

Sorry for my late answer but we just came back from the honeymoon!

Everything was great!!!!!! You, the place, the food, everything!!!!!!!

All our guests said that everything was excellent!!!!!

If it is convenient for you, we will come by this weekend to talk! Itwillbeourpleasure!




Nick Sourounis commented on Facebookface Thank you for the nice wisches and the beautiful memories....




Christmas Celebration 12.08.17 face

Good evening Amanda,
I spoke with customers from ENISA yesterday and was told they had a very nice time, loved the food and profiteroles say was the best they ever have tried. They told me they were also having fun.
Thanks a lot for everything once again! I will be happy to talk again whenever you want.
Good afternoon for now.


Wedding 04.11.17 face

November 30, 2017
Our marriage to you, left us with the best impression!! Not only is a great venue, but all our guests were very happy with the food, service and kindness of all staff. We wish you well and continue to enjoy beautiful moments.



Wedding 28.10.17 face

Eugenia Georgiopoulou
2 • 2 November 2017
Excellent cooperation for impeccable professionals!
We thank all the staff for your patience and the wonderful evening you organize for us! Our guests were excited about how warm the place was with the delicious food and the fast and very organized service! Our wedding was just like we had dreamed of !! :):) Thank you for everything!!


Wedding 07.10.17 face

Nicoletta Surane • 0:03 Thanks for everything!! It was all wonderful!! We spent all fantastic time!!


Wedding 29.09.17 face

Nagia Pa wrote a review of "Ktima Diamond" - 5 stars

October 3 •
Thank you very much, because with the excellent service, kindness, great food and your wonderful place, made this day even more beautiful and unique for us !!!
Special thanks to Gianna and Spyros for the beautiful collaboration. We recommend your estate to anyone who wants a unique marriage in a unique place with amazing people!!!! Apostolos & Naya 29/09/17


Wedding 30.09.17 face

Natasa Karvela wrote review "Ktima Diamond" - 5 stars
October 6 •
We would like to thank you for the excellent organization of our wedding party! Only the best impressions left us by the magical place, the excellent food and the willing and very helpful staff! Mainly, we would like to thank Ms. Oustagiannaki which faced all our anxieties, queries and problems of last minute with absolute calm and made us feel that we have a our own person in this whole process! We highly recommend your space and catering to anyone who wants to live so important moments of their life in the best way! Nikos-Natasa 30.9.2017

Mother of the groom

Thank you very much for excellent service at the wedding of our children. They will contact you. The place is excellent, the food is delicious, the high-level of service. Gianna and Spyros made sure that everything was wonderful. Thanks again for everything. I wish you the best professionally and personally.

Maria Dimopoulou (The happy mom of Nikos and Natasha)


Wedding 22.09.17 face

Good morning Amanda,
Firstly thank you for the excellent conduct. All were wonderful. Many positive comments from our guests
Thank you 



Baptism 17.09.17 face

Tziortzis Thymios Baptism 
We had very warmth time!! It was like we were having the celebration in our house! A big thank you!!! Thymios


Wedding 02.09.17 face
Katerina’s dad
Thanks to the lovely Diamond!!! Everything was wonderful!!! Our couple, our guests, the organization, everything was done as it should and was worth it!
Ktima Diamond It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen! Perfect location and professionalism of employment!

You are all amazing!!! The best team with awesome organization and professionalism!!! Thank you from our hearts that contribute to make our day so special!!
Kalligerou Amanda needless to say how incredible you are as a person and as a professional!!! Thank you for everything!! Cosmin - Katerina ❤️ ❤️


Corporate event 23.06.17

Thank you very much for everything we had an amazing time!!
The wonderful place, the delicious food, the perfect music and the super service!!!
Congratulations, you have made a real gem in our Kifissia.


Wedding 02.06.17 face

Thank you very much for the excellent organization of our wedding! Our guests and we had a great time!
Yours sincerely,
Natasa Detsika - Christos Peppas


Baptism 07.05.17 face



Wedding 15.01.17 face

Thank you for everything. Everybody is talking for your venue that is very beautiful, with warm hospitality and the quality of the food.
Kisses from both of us
Panayiotis Matina


Wedding 08.01.17 face

Good morning!! Thank you very much for everything!! Everything was perfect!!! All our guests told us the best!!
Congratulations to the entire team!! All excellent!! Thank you for everything!!!
Many kisses
Vanessa & Giorgos


Wedding 08.10.16face http


George & Daphne

Rhodians and famous celebrities together in wedding in Kifissia


Baptism 25.09.16 face



Wedding 10.09.16 face

A thank you is very little word to a perfect, amazing dancing evening you gave us! Congratulations to you all!


Wedding 03.09.16 face

We had a wonderful time thank you!

Vassilis & Fotini


Wedding 09.07.16 face youtube logo

A month after our children's wedding we want to express our thanks to all of Diamond staff and Catering Delichef, for the excellent organization, beautiful place and amazing buffet. The feedback from our guests was only positive. Especially we want to thank Amanda for the cooperation we have had. Her help was priceless. Finally we would like to thank all our guests, who wanted to honor us with their presence, and turned our joy, in to their joy, with endless enthusiasm and mood, until dawn. WE WISH TO OUR CHILDREN ALWAYS TO BE LOVED AND HAPPY.

George & Kaite.

Thank you very much! Everything was wonderful!!

Vera & John


Baptism 03.07.16 face

Thank you for the wonderful evening and impeccable service. Excellent venue, carefully chosen with love and great taste. I wish to have and more Happy news in the future to celebrate with you.



Baptism 25.06.16 face

Thank you for the wonderful traditional christening that you organized for us. Everything was perfect!
Paul & Mary


Baptism 15.06.16 face

We are confident that after the Christening of our son many friends will be those who will come to you for one of their own event! All our guests said how much they liked the Venue and your meals! Thank you very much, you have exceeded our expectations!



Baptism 05.06.16 face

Thank you all from the bottom aff my heart! The staff, the venue and the food was all perfect!
Fay & Manos


Baptism 29.05.16 face

Congratulations everything were wonderful, our guests had a great time !!!


Baptism 10.04.16 face

Dear Gianna,

Thank you very much for the great pictures! You remind us what great time we had!!! I look forward to see you again soon!!

Congratulations for your professionalism and great experience that you gave us.

Many kisses

Katerina Chaniotaki


Baptism 06.03.16 face

Everything was better than we expected it would be! Thank you!


Wedding 05.02.16 face

Thank you for everything! It was a great evening!

We felt like we welcomed our friends and relatives in our home! All our guests, even our parents had a great time! 


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